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Pokémon Gameboy games

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“If you play it safe, you’ll never be safe”

I was young and needed the money that’s what I’ll say but the truth is the psychology way deeper than that. It was appalling to me how the most spastic Ungrateful degenerate piece of trash got what they want without even making a strong effort without facing any resistance. But when it came to me I faced the most resistance in beginning of my life. With the path I am going to choose I will shatter any resistance, none will be detectable. You think you have beaten me but like tortoise and the hare, but in the end the tortoise kicked the hare’s ass at the end of the story. Rule number one, you never sleep on me ever! I will have essentially made up for lost time and beat you in a week, years worth of your success. The Inevitable has been delayed for way too long and my playtime for me begins now and you’ll hit a wall you’ll never be the same again.


happy fourth of july volarona and venamoth


happy fourth of july volarona and venamoth


Boondocks giving knowledge

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